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Havin' a real bad day

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Admin Al:
so it wasn't exactly the best of days...

I went out to run errands and do shopping and decided to stop in to Starbucks for a cappuccino to get me going... as I pulled into the drive thru the transmission started making all kinds of scary noises and the car wouldn't move. I look to see if it's out of transmission fluid, but apparently the trany is a sealed system and there is no dipstick. that's probably not the issue 'cause I haven't seen any leaks in my driveway, but it was a hope. anyway - luckily a couple of nice guys helped me push it back into an empty parking space. it wouldn't move so I figured I would leave it there & go home. one of the guys who helped push was nice enough to gave me a ride home. it turns out he knows my wife - small world, right? I figured I would call AAA and get them to tow the car to Berlin City Motors, where I have an extended warranty agreement which is due to run out in 1,000 miles. that's actually a GOOD thing, that the warranty hasn't run out YET!

anyway - when I went to call AAA I realized that my membership had expired, get this, 2 days ago! so I called my wife, oh yeah - did I tell you that she is out of town for 10 days? so there is no second car! anyway, it turns out that they have a 30 day grace period, so we renewed the membership and I called them. of course they said that I have to be there when they pick up the car, so I decided to ride my bike back there to meet them, except that just as I was going to leave the house it started rain/slushing!. [sigh] and on top of that the zipper blew out on my fave long sleeve jersey. [double sigh] so I call my friend Phil and he was nice enough to come over and drive me back to Starbucks. 15 minutes later the towing company shows up, only they don't want to block the Starbucks lot while they are loading my car, so they call another helper to come over and help push my van down the street to a better location. 15 minutes later the helper shows up and we push the van to a better place and they load it up. I give 'em my key and as best I know it's up in Gorham at the shop waiting for me to call then in the AM to let them know why a silver 2008 Dodge Van is parked in front of their service entrance.

You didn't spill any coffee ? right????

Maybe some wide cracks would help.....

Well, at least you did not break a handhold, took a swinging fall, gashed your thigh, got taken to the ER, and had 15 stitches put in.
All this happened to a friend of mine yesterday on a route we almost always do whenever we are at this MA crag.  I had kiddie stuff to do in morning so I had stayed home.  He'll be fine though.  So will your car, Al.  Big hassle I realize.

Admin Al:
oh yeah, it all will work out...

check out the tune tho, very cool Taj

had a bad day at work and felt like shit when i got home. took the dog for a walk and showered and felt better until i turned on the tv.


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