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I know it's not climbing-

fucking asshole ,coward ass motherfuckers.   It's a fucking road race.... if it's a political statement then use fucking politics.

i fucking hate these fucking ,goddamned cowards,, killing civilians

You wanna fight ?? let's fucking go RIGHT NOW....

i went through 9/11 in Boston, working for the Globe... no more

i just got a photo,, guy ran a PB 2;33,, waiting for his wife to finish,,, both his fucking feet blown off,, she;s OK, he is fucked

Just terrible.
Waiting with bated breath to see if anyone we know got hurt or affected in other ways.
Some people at work were deeply affected; they knew people taking part in the race today.  Some left early to go home/wherever.
It is just wrong.

An 8-year ago killed.  10,000,000x wrong.  My kid is almost 7.  Sandy Hook and now this?  Too close to home!
It appears that the blast radii might have been relatively small, a woman about 30 feet away from 1st explosion reported herself as unhurt.

Nasty business. I've been worried about a mutual climbing friend of ours, Soon, who works as a news photographer. She usually does big events like the Super Bowl, the president etc. I know she also used to cover the race too.. haven't heard back from my text yet, but I can imagine if fine, she would be very busy.


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