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Adirondacks: Silver Lake article and guide link.


I have known of this place since the early eighties but had closer fish to fry back then!  I have seen many impressive photos from Jim Lawyer.  Never been there but would be worth a multi-day camping climbing trip (out of bug season mind you!).

Adirondack Explorer rag article:

Jim Lawyers guidebook link:

Guides and Lodging link:

Silver Lake is amazing, TONS of routes both new and resurections of climbs done in the 80's going in. I can imagine it's what Chapel Pond and Poke-o were like back in the day.

Good to see Colin Loher getting some press, even if Phil Brown can be a little over dramatic at times. I've known Colin and Erica since the week they moved here and have had adventures together from J-Tree to the Creek to Yosemite and even Silver Lake. And let me say it one more time: Szot was the man.

VERY COOL PLACE! Saw my old friend Matt Way over the weekend at Rock and Snow in New Paltz, apparently he had done a ton first ascents up in the lake over the last couple years.....Ill be psyched to visit!  Glad they gave Joe Szot a mention in the article RIP.


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