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Mark, Ward ?? i got new place... 40-70'.. 3/4 mile long.. a mix of sport,trad and some of each.. 4 routes.  What do you think about belays/anchors ??  Should the trad routes have tree anchors ?  double Fixe for everything ?  There are no locals or restictions

Im not Mark or Ward, but I would do ring anchors for the trad routes too.  Just to keep it nice.  No tat and saves the trees.

ya, prolly  but 200 anchors ??  shit maybe I''l do single bolt with 9/16' webbing  >:(

or maybe the pro deal from fix... help ?

I'd go ring anchors or a couple quicklinks on each bolt hanger. You just have to see if others will pitch in. One 1/4" bolt + home made hanger with ratty sling might get the Safe Climbers Assoc. to donate for retroing  :D

I'd take advantage of any Fixe pro deal if you can get it for the bolts and hangers, but I wouldn't waste any money on thier fancy anchers beyond basic ring style.

i still have some 1/4"  the shorties and a Rawl hand drill that I'm saving for one last epic   leeper bit ready to go. i'm gonna hand drill the line right of camber or maybe under reach the Sky or?   


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