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Chinos Guide - Climbing in the New Durham Area

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Check out the new guidebook! It can be found at IME in North Conway and Indoor Ascents in Dover. I am working on an online option as well.

Great guide, inexpensive for the amount of information you get. The Longstack info alone is worth it. Keep up the good work guys. Pretty soon you'll all have to move to get more routes done....

....speaking of.....Jon, you should check the line I scoped on Whitehorse....I need a belay and the drill!

Admin Al:
I bought a copy last week. It looks great. Can't wait to get down there.

I bet that is going to get snapped up; a bunch of new climbing and less of a drive for a lot of people.

Goes to show WTF I know..... there's actually cliffs in New Durham?

Huh... yeah....


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