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Warning-ROCKFALL @ Hinterlands: Dolt/Jolt UNSAFE to climb on!

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Warning:   ROCKFALL
Dolt/Jolt is UNSAFE to climb on! 
A climber was at the Hinterlands on 5/13/13 and has indicated to the RCA that the climb JOLT lost its anchor unit, and that the upper rock corner has fallen to the ground.  It is believed that this happened over the weekend with the heavy rains. The tree and roots are still up there.  It is currently not a solid area, and should be avoided until further notice as there is potential for further rockfall.   Please share this notice.  More information to follow. 

Thank you!   


I was just climbing Dolt (and Jolt) last Sunday (May 12). Didn't see anything special and all looked good including anchors. Here is a pic of Dolt from that day:

Update: Appears to be to the top of Jolt. 

Just read on mountainproject:

By Kelsey Stavseth
Apr 28, 2013
Just a reminder, Jolt has loose rock! A piece broke under foot just under the anchors yesterday and landed near a crowd of people. Always wear a helmet when belaying!

Sad if it ruins Jolt, though I can't say that I'm surprised. 


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