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So currently I have wild country friends in .5,1,2,3.  Now, I have a 20 dollar coupon with REI, which I could use on another cam to bring that price down to about 40 bucks.  Also with all the sales online, I can get .5,1.5,2.5 for 140$.  I need help deciding!.  Should I get another cam from REI and get the 3 friend set?  What sizes would be best to double on if necessary?  Or should I use the coupon for a new stove?

That sale on the set sounds awfully good. Then maybe get a size you don't have. I would think you would want  Camalot C4 sizes 3 and 4 or equivalent when you can get them.  For cams I think finger tips to hands are the most useful around here, so doubles of that set would be useful. Larger you don't often need more than 1. My C4 #s 5 and especially 6 are practically unused (that may change this year!)

A great deal.. you will want a 1.5 and 2.5 for sure in NE

Full set from .5-3 helium friends.  Range goes from .55-2.66.  I think ill settle for getting a 1.5 and a 2.5.  I already have a .5.  I just dont have the money to go for the 3 piece set


Mark is dead on with the remark on needing fingers to hands doubles in NE. I would highly suggest Helium's if you can get them on a break. for the small fingers sizes I would suggest Totem basic cams, essentially a Totem version of the Alien, same deal but you can usually find a less expensive set of them bringing the price down to about 45 per cam.


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