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memorial day weekend Acadia....

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Before you call me crazy let me preface this with this statement: I know otter cliff and the precipice can get busy as all hell.

So this Memorial Day weekend I'll be camping up in Acadia with a group of non climbers and would love to slip away for a half day of climbing prob Sunday or Monday morning. down to check out South Bubble, Canada cliff, or maybe Great Head.... PM me if interested and we can chat....

Mem Day/ Acadia is usually a big AMC event.... Old Eric ?????

sunday morn there is a access fund clean up at precipice at 830am.

also, this rain we are having isn't supposed to let up until monday.

Admin Al:

--- Quote from: bennybrew on May 22, 2013, 09:09:17 am ---also, this rain we are having isn't supposed to let up until monday.

--- End quote ---

I know...I'm getting pretty stir crazy.

The wx may make this moot, but I was going to suggest you do S. Bubble for an early AM 1/2 day, as it sits high above the treeline and dries rapidly, with just a little sun and wind needed even with the usual spring/summer coastal murk.  The route selection isn't as brawny as Canada, GH, or South Wall, but will keep most folks happy for 3-5 hours.  The stuff on the right is cruiser and the routes high on the left are well worth the trip.  One of my favorite places...

Thanks for the head's-up about cleanup at Precipice, bennybrew; hopefully I can finagle the schedule and come up.


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