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OK twisters

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i know- but what a fucking horror show this must be... i have been near 3 twister ever and it scared me more than any runout ..ever.......

be safe all

Admin Al:
in the early 80's I was in Wicheta and Wicheta Falls on tour. there were several tornado warnings that really scared me. the sky was totally EVIL looking and people were really nervous. fortunately nothing happened, but it was unnerving.

I grew up in Wisconsin and tornadoes are common there (though not as common as down in OK). We had tornado drills in school and we'd have some in our area every summer. It's pretty eerie when the sky turns all greenish right before the tornado hits.

A number of years ago, (20?) a tornado ripped through Cleveland, GA and then up the valley below Mt. Yonah and across the gap right next to it. Yonah is the first big granite crag north of Atlanta, about 250' slabs covered with bolts because the nearby Rangers' camp uses it to teach climbing--and it's a hoot to see. Turns out there were two guys on the rock when the twister went by, one of them said he thought it passed about a 1/4 mile away, and they had never been so happy for all the bolts, for all the good it would have done them. That must have been a trousers filling event.

Admin Al:
Pappy - a tornado went through Macon GA when I was a child, probably 1950. went right through the downtown. made a mess, but as I remember it didn't kill anybody. it's rare for them to happen in that part of the country.


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