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Is there anyone out there with a good van camping spot around Conway?  :) Free would be the best option but it seems hard to come by in the area.  We are just looking for a place that is close enough to the climbing to cut down on the gas. Walmart is always an option but it would be nice to be in the woods.


Matt Barker

lucky luke:

--- Quote from: slacker on May 22, 2013, 05:42:37 pm --- Walmart is always an option

--- End quote ---

Not in north conway. Municipal law prohibited overnight camping. so, you can't use the parking lot as you can do in littleton or other places.

Closest legal good spot is up Town Hall Rd in Bartlett but I think that road has been closed since Irene. Many do successfully park overnight at the base of Cathedral but you might get woken at 3am if someone feels like patrolling there. I'm not sure if First Bridge is signed with no overnight parking... you could probably park in the climber's lot over at Whitehorse, keep a low profile, and not get noticed, also the parking lot outside the Echo Lake State Park gate... behind Flatbread (pull the curtains and who knows you're in there) lots of places I would attempt to park overnight but again they probably are not legal and you might end up with more than a warning...

Or just pull in to Al's driveway.... ;D

Al should start selling 'overnight passes'.  :)


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