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Note to Rumney Climbers - private property
« on: June 21, 2013, 10:16:43 AM »
Note - The Black Jack boulders west of and including the Moat Boulder, North West Territories crag and most of Prudential crag are on private property. The owner is climber friendly, but obviously visitors should be on their best guest behavior. Keep your voices down, don't leave trash, old tarps or wood pallets under the boulders. Particularly, do not bellow profanities. The noise carries right down to his house which is below and can be quite tiresome. This is his property and you are on it at his discretion. Please keep him and his family happy at your presence.

The Forest Service has recently resurveyed the property line and is in the process of refreshing the red marker blazes and will be installing signs in the future where trails cross the property line to alert people. The boundary runs along the trail that comes in from the road near pole # 39 by the stream and runs up the hill passing between the Zig-zag boulder and the Moat boulder to a point just below the Starship Enterprise crag. It then turns west and runs over to the Boundary boulder. From here it resumes running up hill, passing approximately through the middle of Prudential crag.

Please pass this information along to make other climbers aware.
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