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Hello from a new guy

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There's a fun ice climbing area in a Walpole railroad cut near you.
 Perfect for learning plus some cool mixed stuff.
That should drain any money you still have by November.


--- Quote from: strandman on May 29, 2013, 07:35:02 pm ---A really good bud of mine did the H for his doctoral work in physics.. cut it after,, we did some crazy shit for sure 5.13 slab and such.
Hook up with the Chinos in new durham and of course the great manchester guys.. my heroes

Base is the MAN

--- End quote ---
Base is a pot of knowledge and a great guy as well. If you do any climbing at the glass factory that is Rock Rimmon you'll meet him for sure.


"Base is the MAN"

Been a long time since I've seen the mailman.

Helluva guy. Quiet and hard as I recall.

I too have not seen Base in a very LONG time.  I laugh a lot whenever I climbed or just hung out with him.


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