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Bosch 36 volt drill

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Holy Shit ! i used one of these yesterday to replace bolts in medium compactrock.. talk about fast !! >:(

3.5" x 3/8" hole in 15 seconds     ,,,,,i ripped 5 old shit 8mm, cones and all and re drilled with Fixe in 22 minutes total

Admin Al:
the new drills are the balls...

6.6lbs is super light for that kind of drill but as soon as you get used to it is feels like an anchor again.....

Almost forgot-- i did a 3.5" 3/8 by hand in  about 8 minutes using my trusty A5 beast hammer.. people were a bit frightened.. maybe more than a bit.. :-\

My wife was just bored-- "Ive seen him do better"

Strandman = a retro caught in a new wave world.


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