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My friend and I are primarily ice climbers but now wanting to learn how to lead on rock in order to improve our rope handling skills and take our rock climbing proficiency to the next level. 

Rather than paying big bucks for guide training, I was hoping someone out in NEClimbs land might be interested in mentoring a couple of easy going guys a few weekends this summer.  My partner lives in Burlington and I live in St Johnsbury so climbing anywhere in upper Vermont or New Hampshire would work.

Please let me know if this would be of interest, or if you know where we might get some good solid lead climbing training.

Thank you kindly,

Do you lead ice?

Wanna do standard on whitehorse on sunday?
I can show you just about anything.  been climbing since 1990.  bit out of shape right now tho.

I might be in North Conway 3PM Sat. July 27 til 2 PM Sun. July 28. Looking for long easy rambles. Send me a note if interested.

Trad since 1996. Lots of multi pitch.


Correction -  maybe all day Sunday.


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