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Bouldering in the North Conway Area

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Heading up soon with my parents dog and looking for some boulders to play on for the weekend.  Humphrey's, Whitehorse and the Covered Bridge blocks all look good but was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions.  Under a half an hour approach would be great as Chippy(the dog) has a bum leg that acts up after a long hike. 

The other whitehorse boulders.  Up by the Old Cabin is pretty good.  Cathedral Boulders, I know theres some other stuff.

Admin Al:
there is good bouldering at Humphrey's with a 2 minute approach!

Although I don't boulder any more (too much titanium in my hips to want to jump off things), I remember good bouldering at Jockey Cap just over the Maine border--also REALLY short flat approach from the car! 8)

the base of humphries or Jockeys cap are both super easy approaches and quite a few good problems within a short distance of each other.


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