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Haven't been climbing at Cathedral for a couple of years.  Back at it now.  Looked up at the Thin Air face on Saturday and was very pleasantly surprised to see that the Missing Link/Secret Chimp face has been thoroughly scrubbed.  Big kudos to whoever did the job.  It had to have been a massive effort.  It was a jungle up there!!!!  Also thought I saw the glint of something shiny in the area the horizontal crack where you anchor for the second pitch.  Is it now a hardware anchor?

I saw that too on saturday, did windfall and spotted it from the shared belay with turners.

So much for my typical excuse "Secret Chimp looks great!  But so much lichen and crap....  Let's go do the Saigons again!"
The route scares and intrigues me in equal parts.

I'll add my thanks to whomever put in the time and work, and now have to put it on this year's list.

(edit:  Yep, Terminus, Missing Link is within reason for this non-hardman, but have you seen my sig?  Overhanging makes me pee my pants.)

If Secret Chimp looks too intimidating for you try Missing Link to its left, amazing roofy well protected climbing, looks a tad like the gunks but in the gunks it would be 5.9


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