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the longest day ?

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In NE.. for me the Big plumb on Cathedral by far.. recluse at 5:07 am was a good start.  we dropped down to finish Vent/western ladt.cali girls.. a suitable finish at 9pm.. 11+ RR and the up Nutcracker  17 hours... the girls had the drinks ready though

time wave zero, potrero chico, 11a A0, 24 pitches. 40's of Sol waiting in a stashed cooler at the canyon floor. Pure Fun.

Cathedral Traverse - noy John's but the one in the Tetons.  I ws sort of the caboose on that one as I did it with my son who took the sharp end 90% of the tme.  That was 23 hours.  In contrast with the same son we did Time Wave Zero as mentioned above in 10 hours.  A couple days later we did the Snot Cirls/Space Boyz link up in 8 hours.  So one of us can move in any case.  Ah youth.

skinning from Chimney Pond 12 miles to the car pulling sleds after 3 epic days of ice climbing in Basin... that road sucks.

Car to car 23.5 hours nonstop, the North Ridge of the Grand Teton with Cunningham. Lotsa veriglass as I recall.


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