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For those looking for something new to try, check out Hall's Ledge. The area is located in Pinkham Notch and was developed late last fall. It is a fun crag with a variety of climbing. All the routes are listed on Mtn Project.

Iíve stared at this thing for years! Now I know it is worth the hike!

Admin Al:
Today I went up to the Hall's Ledge across from the Rocky Branch parking area, with my friends the Perez's. It's a very neat place, about a 30 minute walk-in. There are a wide variety of climbs. However IMNSHO the descriptions on Mountain Project are quite vague and hard to follow. We did several 5.6 climbs up near the top, but spent quite some time wandering around. We never did find the cracks that are mentioned being near the upper slab. FWIW in our opinion those 5.6's are not for 5.6 leaders!

We're hoping to get back up there next week for another shot.

Admin Al:
Was up there yesterday with George Hurley, Joe & Judy Perez, Jed Elideas and Jackie (?). It was a great day for climbing and we did many routes.

The cool thing is that George put up 3 new FA's!!!! One was in the chimney left of the Pinnacle and the other 2 were on the far left side of that portion of the cliffband. The latter 2 were went up mossy face that had surprising features. One of them was in partnership with Jed, the other with Judy Perez. I will add them to the Routes Guide and post them here later today or tomorrow.

Go George...

I was spying the finger crack a few months ago. Just never got off my butt to go clean it. Well done folks. That slab has tons of potential, but lots of work to clean.


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