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I'm so glad to see so many great days in the 10 day forecast for outdoor activities :'(. It looks like it might clear up around July 5th, just in time for the Mass rush to New Hampshire ;).

At least it isn't 118 degrees like it is in Phoenix, or 130 in Death Valley  >:(  I'll take rainy weather over that any day. At least we can go for hikes doing recon and even rough cleaning of routes between showers. I admit I am getting antsy to get on my projects though. Guess I'll have to get started trying my Hof breathing exercises in the mean time.

Put up a new trad route last weekend, only 40 feet but a sweet 0.5 friend crack out an overhang, not a single crack move but great pro.  Given the conditions it was really, really hard, probably 11d but felt way harder.  Cleaned and toproped all day saturday then redpointed it sunday.  Yeah the weather sucks but you can still do stuff. We're going back out there tomorrow.

Good for you.

"The weather sucks" is a state of mind.

Admin Al:
Rained all last night and pouring this morning! Hope it will clear for a bit later today.


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