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If you are visiting Rumney....


If you're going to climb Rumney in July - You NEED to stay at the Rattlesnake Mtn Campground.  Come on.  It's right across from the crag - ONLY hosts climbers.  and you can Camp/Park and walk to the crag!  This is the ideal location!

So you make the trek to Rumney, and wisely choose to stay there..  Ask for direction to the Rumney Village Store - and give us the super secret code word "Bungalow" and we'll give you a FREE bundle of firewood!    No strings attached!  (that word was thought up by Ethan...  so if you ask for Ethan [manager], Erin [Ice Cream Manager] or Ken [general helper] they'll be on-board..)

Oh yeah -  We'll also refill your water if you need it..  and if you need anything else just ask..

My GF and I have got to know ken since he has owned the store and he is really cool and carries a pretty good variety of stuff at pretty good prices. Check it out, it's way different than it used to be!

Watch out for the killer dog defending the store! :D

*Vicious Guard Dog   :P


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