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I was up in the Stark NH area looking at a piece of property yesterday - and knew there were cliffs right in the town of Stark bordering Devil's Slide State Forest (from some pics). I was surprised at their size though they did look a bit "dirty." Unfortunately I didn't have my binoculars to get a "closer look." I vaguely remember seeing something here at NE Climbs before but couldn't find anything - nor online in general. So does anybody have any information as to whether this area has had any activity?

Separately - North Percy Peak looks really cool!

Thanks everybody!

I'll go check it out with you.  Looks amazing right!?

Darwined - sent a PM...nor sure it went through as it's not in my PM box.

Jon Sykes and Scott Lovell have recently been active at Stark. From what they have told me they have developed several 5.9 and 5.10 sport routes. Each line required very heavy cleaning of loose rock. My interpretation from what i have heard is the rock is shit and the main cliff is total shit. I will probably get a tongue lashing for saying that but thats my interpretation.

I walked the base of the Stark cliff about 10 years ago. Although there were some interesting features, IMO the cliff is a chosspile.


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