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Coldest places to climb in NE

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Maybe this has been discussed before but I couldn't find it.  But what are the coldest/windest places to climb in the summer months? (in NE) I know lots of places that get shade, orange crush in the morning at rumney, wall of early morning light at farley in the afternoon, catherdal in the afternoon, etc. but I have to be honest when it is 90 and humid even the shade with no breeze isn't enough for me to climb comfortably (I'm a big guy, I have to much insulation).  I think wild river might be the best place that is consistently good in hot weather but is also a 4 hour drive for me, so not really day trip-able.  So what are the best places (coldest/most exposed to wind) you can think of???

Pinnacle on Mt. Washington, Otter Cliffs and Great Head in Acadia.

Other than that an air conditioned gym.

Mt Willard, not exactly in the shade but breezy, can offer some relief but you will still be dripping sweat onto your slab moves.
Across the Universe even has a shade tree to belay the last pitch.

North Bald Cap has been really breezy each time I've been there as well.
Keep heading North but I don't think cold happens for a while.

When it is 90 and humid it's pretty much gonna suck. No matter your size.

Just sayin'.


--- Quote from: kenreville on July 02, 2013, 06:24:15 pm ---When it is 90 and humid it's pretty much gonna suck.

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Some days are better left to swimming and Ice Cream.


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