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12 year old Italian climbing prodigy dies

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Admin Al:

I'm sure many of you have already seen and heard about this... a real tragedy.

Hard to believe you could make that mistake, but we are talking about young kids here with non-climbing parents.  I remember friends of mine in the 70's setting a belay and clipping it into the gear loop rings on the Whillans Harness.

I liked this read:

lucky luke:

--- Quote from: Admin Al on July 10, 2013, 05:33:16 pm ---

I'm sure many of you have already seen and heard about this... a real tragedy.

--- End quote ---

Just imagine what many of us will say if we saw that think happening in rumney and read what they wrote after:

"The accident happened because Tito used some new quickdraws purchased by another in the group of Italian climbers. The quickdraws were, however, incorrectly put together so that the clipping carabiner on the bottom of the draw was attached only to a rubber keeper loop, what Petzl calls the "string," instead of the sewn full-strength loop."

As a climber, and if you are to buy petzl quickdraws, what information is important?

I find this incomprehensible that evidently several climbers handled these things and no one said, 'Wait a minute.' I've actually got to admire Luke's restraint, as my first thought is that this is the archetypal example of gym/sport climber mentality. Good thing for Petzl that it didn't happen in the States, where a good PI lawyer could ream them good for not designing for dummies.


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