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Should minors wear helmets rock climbing?

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Poll and discussion to follow. What do you think?

IMO helmets are the norm now for road biking, mountain biking, alpine skiing, ice climbing, and for the most part trad climbing.

I feel sport climbers, young & old, do not have a healthy “helmet culture” and lives are lost because of it.

Modern helmets are light enough and comfortable enough to not really inhibit your 5.12 climbing right?

While I think adults have a right to choose (love living in NH for that reason; see seatbelt and motorcycle helmet laws), I don’t think it is responsible for a parent to allow a child to rock climb outdoors without setting the standard that helmets should be worn...

OK, chime in!

Helmet for climbing is a no brainer. Popped off of a 10+ layback a few weeks ago and took a decent backwards almost upside down swing. didn't hit anything but if I had the back of my head would have been a prime target......

We won't let the kids climb without a helmet on.  They all have their own helmets and carry them to the route themselves.  No if's, and's or but's about it.  All of us wear a helmet when climbing and will wear it at the base of a climb if deemed necessary (potential loose rock, etc.).  There really isn't any reason to NOT have the kids wear a helmet when climbing.  There's times I think they should wear it around the house in general, it might make keeping the first aid kit stocked a little easier!

you cant vote never

Yeah, it is an awkward poll, so I would have to say none of the above.

For starters "minors" covers a lot of range. Younger kids - certainly, if just for the reasons that their heads are softer, they're top heavy and usually have less experience. Older teenagers - I would probably encourage them to wear them more then I do, but I would stress general safety protocols and being aware rather than forcing them to wear one  even on overhanging, well bolted  sport routes.

Obviously while getting whacked in the head, wearing a helmet is safer, but I think they also can engender a false sense of safety. When I was a kid nobody ever wore a helmet while biking except some roadbikers and racers. We also wouldn't think of doing flips and spins 20 feet in the air. Now they all wear helmets and just up the craziness.


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