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Got A Speeding Ticket on West Side Road

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So the other night I'm heading up West Side Road and my buddy says I should slow down.  He says that there have been speed traps on it lately.  BS I say in all the years I have been driving up and down this thing I have never seen a cop.  Well you can guess the rest.  The cop was the damn nicest person.  He was really a very nice and pleasant guy.  Got me feeling so bad that about making him go to the trouble of having him pull me over I apologized to him about the entire thing. I ended up felling very really confused.  I got a ticket and ended up feeling good about the encounter!!! What the heck?

At any rate be forewarned.  Hopefully you will pay more attention to this than I did to my buddy's warnings.

People always seem to speed on this road.  It's a cut through.  I always seem to have someone riding my arse.  Contrary to what you said I see cops all the time on Westside.  Glad to see the police slowing it down.  Check your speed and enjoy the ride.  Thanks for the heads up.

As you discovered, and as JChepes says, cops regularly patrol the Westside road, ESPECIALLY in the summer tourist season; I've been pulled over twice over the years, luckily for warnings! Now I just set my cruise control for 38 (35 limit) and let people ride my tail--it is an attractive drive.

Further warning-- they also patrol the North-South road east of town-- speed limit there is 40 and people regularly speed-- this past Monday, on 2 trips there, I saw 2 cars pulled over--again tourist season = $ in the coffers!

Ditto ditto. Tourist Season = speed traps roundí here. The two biggest spots on West Side are at the bottom of the little blind curve hill, there is a pull-out on the right when heading towards Conway that is blind until you are on it... I think it may be a fire department ďchargingĒ spot... and I see them sometimes staked out down Cedar Creek facing West Side... two area I ALWAYS slow down for...

I pass Jeff all the time... plenty of passing lanes on that road...

N-S is trickier. I have one warning from that road. Best to keep it under 50, itís short enough not to make a big difference...

302 from Crawford Notch to Attitash though... knock on wood I donít know how I havenít got nabbed there... I routinely do 65+ from Crawford to Bartlett village... too many sight seeírsí on my winter commute...

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--- Quote from: Jeff on July 13, 2013, 08:50:38 am ---...I just set my cruise control for 38 (35 limit) and let people ride my tail--it is an attractive drive.

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