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where to go for kid??

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My 6 yr old keeps asking me to take him climbing.  Where should I go?  I have climbing experience but just having difficulty linking together in my brain easy beginner climbs (for adults) and fitting these easy climbs into a less than 4 foot tall 6 year old body.  Obviously top rope ideas are great but if I need to climb a  pitch and set a top rope I can.  I am thinking big crack, bolders, slabs.  Open to all suggestions.  Will drive to Conway region if needed but I am in Central ME and would like to stay closer.  Camden OK, Bethal/grafton OK, Clifton might as well go to conway in terms of time driving.  Well thanks for the suggestions. 

Tumbledown Dick is close to Bethel west on 2.  Roadside approach and some great climbs.  Handren guide has lots of info.
Beautiful setting.

Not PC on this forum but have you considered indoors?   I haven't taken my 22 month old outside climbing yet, but she does OK on the wall in our basement, and most gyms have a kid wall set up where they can get up something.     A good place to go first and get a feel for it.   

Pawtuckway in NH is the first thing that come to mind.  The lower slabs are an easy hike around to get to the top and set up the rope. There are routes ranging from 5.5- 5.11.  There are many other walls threw out the park that offer similar opportunities but maybe a little more difficult to find.


OK great ideas so far, tumble down sound like a good idea, don't know why I did not think of that.  Indoors, been there done that, that is why I keep getting asked when are we going outside, hope that does not sound negative but we started there, indoors, and when ever I left to go ice climbing, he was asking when do I get to go outside.  thanks for the input so far.


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