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Québec beta... Pont-Rouge
« on: February 05, 2002, 07:12:58 am »
If you folks are running short on ice climbs this year, you should plan on visiting your neigbourgs up north... ice climbing is starting to look very good in Québec !!!
For the poeple familiar with Pont-Rouge, here is some beta about the routes...
"Le Tube", WI5, 25m is in good shape
"Valentin/Valentine" aren't touching down yet, but since there is a few bolts, a mixed alternative is duable, M5/6-, WI6-, 30m
"Supercristal" (or Souvenirs d'Enfance) is in, 25m of free standing pilar, WI5/5+, 40m.
The marvelously good looking route called "La Source Enchantée" is in, WI5+, 35m.
As usual, "Première Neige" is in, WI4+, 25m.
Beside ice climbing, Pont-Rouge has a lot of mixed climbs, ranging from M4 to M8.
Have fun climbing and don't forget about our Ice Climbing festival, The Festiglace, taking place in a few weeks, Feb.22-24.  For info, check out this site...