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Jean Goldsborough:
Mark Synott is scheduled to instruct a day long clinic on Aid Climbing in North Conway, Saturday, August 24th.  As of this posting only 3 people are signed up and we need 6 to make it a go, 8 would be best to keep the cost down.  What will be covered: The mechanics of aid climbing, how to properly place and test your gear, rope and rack management, anchor systems, jugging, cleaning/lower outs, and if we have time - hauling.

If you are interested in this clinic please PM me and I will get you connected with the person organizing the day.

Admin Al:
I took an aid course with Mark several years ago and I though it was very good. that man really knows his stuff.

8:1 aid climbing clinic? I’d rather throw down the $$$ to hire Mark for 1v1... bet I would get way more out of the day...

realize with groups that size you move through material at the slowest participants pace... if you really want to get the basics of aid down I would shoot for 1:1 or 2:1 if it was with the person I planned on aid climbing with... just sayin’...

Jean Goldsborough:
You can say 1:1 is a better ratio for ANY hands-on instruction. No doubt.  I think it depends on what your objectives are as a learner.  In this case, if you plan to do a lot of aid climbing, perhaps a clinic is a good way to start so that you get a feel for what it is all about.  Then for subsequent instruction you seek out the lower ratios.  Or if you aren't sure you want to get into aid climbing but are just interested in how it all works, this might be a worthwhile approach.  Or if you are primarily a free climber and would like to have a few basic aid skills in your quiver for rescue, bad weather on a route, etc, then gaining the basics in a clinic like this might be all you need.

Or, as an alternative you could... go..... aid climbing.
i know, crazy....


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