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Admin Al:
it's really a crap shoot out there now. On Tuesday I was at Humphry's and the mosquitoes were horrible. Then I was out in the woods over by the Middle School next to the Swift River on Wednesday and there were no bugs at all. On Thursday I was in the deep woods between Town Hall Road in Bartlett and Chatham and there were some biting gnats, kind of like Blackflies but not, that ate me up - even with DEET. I walked the dog this morning at 8 and the gnats were out, but I was sitting out on my deck at lunch and there were none!!!!


I just figure that spraying down with DEET bug dope is the only rational thing to do.  :-\

God bless you Al, haven't used DEET since the 1980's.  I'll take the bug bites over possible death by cancer any day.  Anything that will damage paint, melt plastics and destroy furniture you can bet isn't good to put on your skin.

Same here.  I have not used repellant with DEET in it for over a decade.
The last few times I was out, I only had to put repellant on my ears, neck, and forehead to be comfortable from the worst bites.  And I wear long pants.

Use whatever you want, but I would point out  that DEET is one of the more extensively studied compounds around, decades of investigations by numerous national health organizations around the globe have found zero effect on human health.

If the fact that it unzips some polymers freaks you out, well, I can supply you with numerous polymers that are dissolved by dihydrogen oxide, which is after all one of the most corrosive chemicals known and will kill you if inhaled.

I agree with Pappy. I think Deet is pretty harmless to adults. I don't use it unless they are out in force and biting though... never understood the parents who douse their kids the second they get out of the car at a trail-head even if there are zero bugs about...

Also studies show 30% deet is just as effective as 100% so I don't use the 100% anymore...

I also use Permethrin, even on my kid carrier (once dry it can not leech into skin).

Bottom line these two repellents, one for skin, one for gear, are way healthier than some of the mosquito/tick borne illnesses out there, and I've never had good luck with the naturals (though that is what I use on my 22 month old son).

I recently blogged about how I stay outdoors with my kiddo during bug season...


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