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Off to the Sierras on Tuesday for 2 weeks. Its the first time I have ever gone on such a trip and hauled so little. Great to have a friend with a house in Mammoth who has all the gear we need there. Just have to bring personal stuff.

Can't wait to get on some alpine stuff. Any suggestions in the mammoth area. I know he has a tick list ready to go.

Have a great time, Dave.  Give BS a BIG "HI" from all of us here.  With BS, I know both of you will be safe.

Mammoth is really good base. i love itthere.  Crystal Crag is nice,, june lake bouldering and the best is the bouldering across from Tom's Place , just south..killer and Tom's tavern serves cold Sierra !

The mountain biking is also superb.

You  going to the meadows ???

I know he has Bear Creek Spire on the hit list. He was talking about Crystal crag and also Bear crag. He knows the area and we both climb at the same grade so its all good.

no meadows though

Bear is fun and a great area. Scheelit has lots of climbing as does Rock Creek


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