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Man, so in two months I was gone, the wife let the house fall apart.  This includes not noticing the dehumidifier in the basement croaked and an ever-present mold aroma.  Well, the super-humidified air made everything cloth damp.  That includes climbing gear.  And that mold smell-- also on the climbing gear with a nice layer of white fuzz.  Any recommendations to clean that stuff off?  The rope was hit hard as were my packs.  Luckily the slings on cams are good.  Several pair of ice gloves look like they changed color.  Any info on possible rope issues?

I had a similar issue but it only hit my stock of old shoes. Ropes appeared to escape unscathed. People are saying vinegar and water or bleach and water to kill it on general items.... Wouldn't trust that with ropes... I'd try to contact the manufacturer.....

Just give it a wash and set them outside. Once dry they'll be just the way you left them. Mold is usually harmless to synthetic cloth if you clean it well after exposure. Call the manufacturer just to get their thoughts to be on the safe side.

Admin Al:
I know you know this, but do NOT use any standard cleaning products on climbing gear, especially ropes or slings!!!

Thanks guys.  I had the rope dry out today and it cured most of the smell issue.  I bet a washing with some gentle soap will do the trick to get rid of what's left.


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