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Clifton's Don Nelligan has Died


For any of you who have been to Clifton, Maine, local fixture Don Nelligan died "unexpectedly" at age 62.   Don was a great guy who was always psyched to have visiting climbers come to eagle Bluff, of which he was part owner.   

He looked like the stereotypical Maine "dubber," with a pot belly, gapped tooth grin, flannel shirt and coke bottle girth hitched to his harness.  But he had fingers of steel, and more than one 5.13 sport climber was dismayed when this unassuming local would dance up the 5.12 tweak fest that they were flailing on. 

I have many good memories of Don, although I haven't seen him in quite a while.   If you have somebody you have been waiting to see, please don't wait like I did.  We are all running out of time.


I only met him once or twice, but he stuck in my mind. Quite the character and highly intelligent once you could understand him  through his thick down east accent "...Know what I'm saying?"

Rough month for his family.

His father Don Nelligan Sr. also passed away a few days ago (August 15th, Don Nelligan Jr passed away on the 7th)

Admin Al:
That's really sad...

I've heard the family is intending to sell their portion of Eagle's Bluff.  Per the advice of their lawyer, they have posted no trespassing signs on the property and although the family has said they don't really mind if people climb, the people leading the effort to ensure access to the area hope climbers respect the signs and stay away for now.   A group of local climbers are working with the Access Fund and a number of local land trusts to hopefully get the area protected for climbing.  I think they are also working with the owners of the other side of Eagle's Bluff to protect access to that as well.


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