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Thoughts? Record mountaineering or douchebaggery?

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There's been a fair amount of discussion on MP the last few days about this.  Since I know there's a few on here that have actually *been* to the summit of some of these mountains, I'm curious what the general thoughts are here...

The MP discussion:

I'll be honest and say I haven't read through the entire website but from the discussion on MP, he's spending $5.6 million on this and utilizing 3,500++ Sherpas....  All to "raise awareness" for "human trafficking"....

"Cienski will launch his expedition in the winter of 2014 and will employ a staggering 3780 porters over the course of the two-year journey. High altitude Sherpas will help establish his high camps and fix ropes to the summits, leaving him free to focus on acclimatization and climbing." ::)

So the real first is to be the first to jug to the top of all the 8k meter peaks. That rates a huge BFD.

It's also my experience that when someone reels off the extensive lists of firsts and fastest they're going to do while they're at it, it's probably pretty much all delusional.

This type of mountaineering does little for me. The true Himalayan climbers have proven again and again that large scale expeditions are no longer necessary and mountains can be attained by fair means. While the goal may be lofty, the means to achieve it are outdated. On another note, think about the resources that are going to be wasted in an attempt to do this. I mean couldn't he have just donated the 3 million dollars to the charity.

Admin Al:
I think it's extreme BS

Good for him!  I wish I had beat him to it.  Is there anyone who doesn't want to go on a climbing trip paid for by someone else? 

Mountaineering?  I think not.  Record breaking?  Yeah, the pile of Bullshit.


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