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where is the climber who snake the cliff?

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lucky luke:
many climber in the old time used to train by climbing two or three route at cathedral or Canon just to stay in good shape. I saw some of them climbing just aside us and asking the permission to pass us and going up as fast as they appear from the bottom. climbing six pitches of 150 feet is the equivalent of a building of 90 stairs, a good exercise and healthy activity.  If we think that it is more fun and harder than climbing stairs, it is harder to understand that few party "snake the cliff" just to have fun with a good partner.

Today, we saw group of people whit a leader who power a movement without too much technique, like an elephant in a circus. He amuse the public, doing hardly two or three pitches, if it is not staying all day in one or two moves, and falling again and again, disturbing the wildlife and neighbor around the area.

I use the word snake because they are very much like them going up a cliff with the cold and rapid approach of the animal, and the rope zigzagging fluently is very similar to a snake. As they do a new move at each three or five feet, they use a lot of different technique and they had a lot of experience. I remember looking at four team in a week end and they always use the same spot to place there pro even if they on sight the route. They are skill in technique and in the way they protect themselves. When you asked them a question, they can't answer because there reaction on the rock was instinctive, the survival instinct of an animal in the wild.

The purpose of this post escapes me.  Sorry.  Really.  Is there a question somewhere in there?
I think Tradman does plenty of "snaking" for fun and exercise at his fave Vt crags.  And I am sure he is not alone in this practice. 

Admin Al:
I must say that I have no idea what this is about...


--- Quote from: Admin Al on August 20, 2013, 07:16:34 am ---I must say that I have no idea what this is about...

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Maybe true, but I guarantee where it's headed!


Luke, you have surpassed all expectations....


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