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Slip of fools and Condescender

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Anyone been on these lately?  I know some were affected by the old mans tumble, but have things been fixed?

condescender is ok.
Slip o fools P1 is ok.... i would be suspect of p2 & above.... even without the old man fall down.

I guess I meant Condescending?  The one that goes straight up from the belay on cnosolation prize?

If it's that 1 pitch climb that goes from the 1st belay of con prize up the nice slab... That did have some bolts sheared off from rockfall. frik and partners replaced some (maybe all?) of the sheared bolts in the last year or two. I'll ask them to comment since I can't remember if they got all of them or not.

Joe, If you are talking about the line that goes from the p1 belay (in the hole) directly up the slab to the 2nd belay, then yes the two hangers have been replaced. The original hangers were badly bent but not sheared, the bolts looked ok.


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