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We did standard route the original way on sunday.  On the 3rd pitch you clip that "bolt".  I wouldnt even trust it for body weight.  Would it be accepted to replace that with a new bolt/hanger?  I know theres a bunch of old hardware on white horse.  Acceptable to replace it?

Admin Al:
I would say yes...


--- Quote from: Admin Al on August 21, 2013, 10:52:20 pm ---I would say yes...

--- End quote ---
If one has the experience and competency to do a good job.

Really ? that bolt has not been replaced ?  Is it an off route bolt

Wait, Standard Original 3rd Pitch? What Bolt?

Pitch 1: Launch Pad to Toilet Bowl.

Pitch 2: Toilet Bowl to base of Arch

Pitch 3: Up Arch, gear anchor at "mailbox".

Pitch 4: Continue up Arch to the thread

Pitch 5 Climb up to Lunch Ledge

Pitch 6: Brown Spot.... is this the pitch you are talking about? I always opt for the direct finish at 5.7 with less rope drag....


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