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I have some older guides in fine shape that i would like to auction/sell with the $ going to this site;
1978 Ross/Ellms guide, excellent shape
2002 lincoln Woods
1990 Blasted Rock , (qiuncy)
any interest ???

Admin Al:
thanks John....

i would love to get my hands on that ross/ellms guide! great addition to the library.

i ahve 3 copies--my original beat up that i'll keep forever, a pretty good one ,signed 30 years later and this mint one,,photo friday

steve weitzler:
On another note......I am in the process of selling off my complete climbing library. I need to clean out a room in the house that houses the collection.  I have about 450 various climbing books, guidebooks, videos, AAC Journals, etc. Many of the books are signed by the authors and are first editions. I honestly don't have the time to post every book but if some folks are interested in inquiring about some of what is for sale let me know. (


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