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What is with the cover shot?

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Damned impressive lead, so why tilt it to make it look overhanging?  Climbing mag had a shot of some chick leading seventh seal and it looked like it was dead vertical.  Havent done it in a while but it was full on slab as far as i remember.  Is reality not impressive enough?

Admin Al:
I posted it the way I got it...

It is very difficult to get proper perspective when takeing climbing photos.  seems like most of the time i get my camera from my partner after my best lead and all the photos look flat as the little kids majick carpet at the ski hill. Without an arcitectual shift lens getting correct perspective is not an easy task and for every shot that looks tilted too steep there are 10 shots that look flat as a pancake. No one wants to see the flat as a pancake photo so we publish the steep looking shot.

Agreed Tradman, but "proper perspective" on a vertical climb isn't 20 degrees overhanging (look at the trees), and on Seventh Seal it sure as hell isn't dead vertical.   Hell, why not make seventh seal a roof?    That would be really impressive for a 5.10.

If Stagefright WAS overhanging, you might not hit the ledge when you fall off..just Thin Air


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