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Alex's first climb @ 23 months


So Alex will turn 2 this month... last week he boulder-ed up his first route at Jockey Cap.

Part of a day climbing trip while my 12 year old niece was in town... I took her up Whitehorse the following day, and a longer TR and video is here:

steve weitzler:
Poor form....kid used his knees!! ;) ;) ;)

Admin Al:
Steve, you're mean...


--- Quote from: steve weitzler on September 02, 2013, 03:59:02 pm ---Poor form....kid used his knees!! ;) ;) ;)

--- End quote ---

I know, I bashed him for hours over it while we had post climb beers at the 302 Roadhouse ;)


There may have been knees used but, the flow and rhythm of his climbing surpasses most people. Besides I'm sure that he was the one driving home after the beers when he drank you under the table.
Always nice to see our offspring show an interest in the activities that we enjoy.Congrats to you! You have a great looking son with his future at his feet, which is just beginning.


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