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56, work hard to stay in good shape. Have been going to Crossfit for 3 years and like it, no injuries. The routines frequently involve dead lifts, lunges, squats, thrusters and other work involving deep knee bends, often weighted. Box jumps too. Question: In the last 2 months or so my knees have been a little sore, from time to time and moderately but it worries me. Are there exercises I should be avoiding or modifying?

I know that it is recommended to not do deep knee bends (squats) with weights, do not go below 90 degrees. I forget why or if this is still the rule. Maybe Jake (Trainer) can help here. If it were my knees that had new adverse symptoms from a routine that I had been doing for years I would seek the advice of a medical doctor with expertise in this area. Then again online advice is free and you know the saying "You get what you pay for".
Regardless I hope that it works out that you are ok.

Admin Al:
squats & deep knee bends, especially weighted, are really pretty tough on the knees! at 56 you might want to dial it back a bit...

nico- any previous injuries ??

I think you may be tempting fate with deep bends and weighted squats.

Excessive repetitive motion, whether at the work place or the gym, is gonna have negative consequences. There is no better excerise for climbing than climbing. Spurt climbers can suffer the consequences by overworking a hard move.


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