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WTB- white and/or blue helmet(s)


Possibly looking for a helmet or 2 for my upcoming nuptials in about 4 weeks.  Not 100% sure what she has in mind but she has mentioned wanting white helmets.  The "theme" color for the wedding is blue, so that may also be an option.  I don't need anything brand new, but prefer it to be a newer style and not completely beat up.

Let me know what you might have and how much.  Pictures would be helpful, if possible!

dfelix2200us AT yahoo DOT com is my email.

Hey, I've got 2 whites in the gear closet, one a pretty snazzy seldom-used Mammut and one a moderately be-stickered Petzl (one of the stickers says "Girls rip"!) that I'd be willing to strip/clean up if you want to borrow both vs. buying some.  I'd like them back eventually but they're not currently in the lineup.

Let me know, I'd be glad to send pics or get 'em to you for inspection.

I'll see what she wants to do.  She'd said something about writing "I DO" on the back or something.  Maybe she can find some removable sticker material for that purpose. 

With all the kids we have at times, I'm never opposed to buying extra gear.  I think we've got somewhere around 8 helmets already and I have no idea how many pairs of shoes or harnesses...  2 more helmets aren't going to make a big difference!

I'll let you know after I talk to her.  Thanks!


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