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Hey all, does anyone have any info on the boulders along the trail just before you get to Square Ledge?  Mostly curious if there are any names or grades for the problems, but assuming I've been able to climb a fair amount of them they can't be too hard.  I haven't had a camera with me so instead I turned to the ever faithful MS Paint!

This one is on the left as you go up the trail and has a drainage that runs by it so it's pretty gross in there if it's rained recently.  Super flakey and just a little bit over-hanging.  I've managed to climb straight up the face of it (solid line) from standing and have been working on a sit start and traverse (dotted) from the left but haven't figured out how to get around the bulge yet.

This second one is just up the trail and around a switchback from the first and on the right. It has a smaller boulder next to it and is maybe 20 feet high?  Can't miss it and it's just before you get to the ledge.  At the angle I drew it from the trail would be running behind it, L -> R going to Square Ledge.  For a while there were a bunch of branches someone tried making a shelter out of leaning against the left face in my drawing.  Again, the lines I've made it up are solid and the dotted is from a start straddling the corner/arete which I haven't gotten too far on.

Chances are none of these are really significant enough to name or note but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.  Also gave me a chance to play with MS Paint.

And since I've started this thread, anyone know other good problems in Pinkham Notch?  I'm working for the AMC and the half hour it takes to drive to Humphrey's or Hart's is valuable day light after work now.  I've looked at the boulders in the Glen Ellis Falls parking lot but haven't been able to put anything together on them yet.

I donít know anything formal but Iíve played on that 2nd one a bit... itís pretty good... Iíve been wondering what that silly stick shelter thing was all summer... my guess is a camp group built it.... how close to the ledge is the first one you mention?

The first one is maybe 20 feet before the second boulder.  Pretty sure it's the first climbable rock on your left after walking under the overhanging ledge on the trail.  It's maybe 10 feet off the trail down a drainage from a water bar. 

Not sure who made the stick shelter but I sure unmade it!


--- Quote from: plytheman on September 07, 2013, 04:45:19 pm ---Not sure who made the stick shelter but I sure unmade it!

--- End quote ---

thanks you! There's a bench made with tweed at the top of the trail before it 180's to the lookout that needs to come down too... that I know was a camp group as I saw them building it....

I climbed those boulders 4 or 5 years ago. Really fun! The brown one is v0 for both lines. The grey one is v0 for the back two lines but I never went back to try the overhang that sort of faces the trail. I should though. I remember it looking pretty good.


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