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Micron/ Indented Slabs / Classic Corner finish


From what I can put together these routes can be linked together. I'm planning on checking it out on Saturday. Can anyone confirm the shape of the bolts on indented slabs? And which of the 2 routes do people recommend on the indented slabs? :)

As of last summer (2012) the bolts on Indented slab were still in excellent condition. I would expect their status to be unchanged as there hasn't been any significant rockfall in the vicinity since then. Both routes on indented are clean and fun, the left one has more varied climbing and i suppose is better. If you have two ropes it is easy to climb one then rap down and climb the other one. There are rings at the belay at the top of the slab.

Thanks for the info Frik!!! Looking forward to checking it out.

As of last Saturday the indented slabs were in good shape.



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