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Cliff south of Sawyer river

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Anyone know anything about the slab on the hillside across the sawyer river valley from the sawyer river road?
It looks.... interesting.

Also the choss pile on the back side of Mt Lowel....

The one above the house ????? i forget the name but some ice climbs and a 2 pitch 5.9 that i did with Kurt many tears ago

Yup, that's the one we were looking at. I just checked the 3rd edition of the ice guide and it's just listed as Mount Tremont in there.

Admin Al:
What were you guys doing up there? I like Sawyer River Road. I ride the MTB up there several times a summer and xc-ski it about once a week during the winter. There are some great swimming holes up there too! I wish I owned that house, what a location...

Just hiking in the rain. Went up Signal ridge and down Desolation trail, and then took a trail through the valley north of Carrigain to form a loop.

Do you know anything more about that slab Al?


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