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Cliff south of Sawyer river

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Admin Al:
Nice hike...

As far as the slab, not really. Looked at it for years, but never got over there. I was going to try it about 10 years ago, but the river wasn't frozen enough for me to to try the crossing. I don't think that there is a trail up there on the other side of the river.

Al do you know who owns the house? Ever seen anyone at it?

Admin Al:
no idea who owns it & never seen anyone there, but about a year ago it got painted & had some work done on it. every once in a while the field and grass around it gets mowed too... it must be a family thing. whoever has it would never want to let it go.

Ha! Funny, I was just looking at that slab today as I was driving out wondering if anybody had climbed it, got home and saw this. It doesn't look like a very far bushwhack and the river should be easy to cross this time of year. I bet it is very good quality stone.

I have been looking at it for years heading up the road to go to the captain. I believe it is called Paradise Slab....
Looks like great rock and fairly steep. Where did your line go up strand.

I was saying last week to a buddy we have to take the hand drill and go check it out!


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