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Some onsight FAs at Green's

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Bayard has some good write-ups from his trips out there the last few weeks with Conner and Ray Rice. One of the big  obvious "to do" lines above Black Flies... went down.

See his comment near the bottom of

and the blog post

WOW! Great job to all three. Thanks for doing the write up Bayard.

I am pretty familiar with the cliff and for those who don't know, that's a very impressive bit of climbing.

I see a sending spree at Greens this fall. Many more routes to go down. Moldy Bolts has not been free climbed yet so you guys should tick that one off as well.

Looking forward to hearing more. 

MO- you can still get black Flies 2nd ascent though !!..come on guys

Yeah, I think it will be David who gets the 2nd. I think we all would like to be able to climb it, but don't want to get our egos bruised when we get spanked..also waiting for David to upgrade the bolts. I would like to play on it, but I already have so many projects to do and now that people are showing up it has put a fire under me to get back to the Alcove to finish my two projects there before they get snaked.

Had some  recent attempts by others as well... I am shocked those flakes above were only 5.11 !!


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