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Colorado's distress

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Thoughts go out to friends, climbers and non-climbers in Colorado-- after the fires have come the rains and floods, and the prediction is not good for this weekend. Lyons, Boulder and many other towns seriously flooded, with more predicted to be  on the way :-\ RMNP closed at the moment--trails and roads damaged!

It's pretty bad throughout the state..down south where i am, we just had 2.2" in 30 minutes. The yearly average is 6" total

Up by boulder is really least 3 dead


I've been talking to Jim Donini, and another friend in Boulder. It is really strange and unusual --to say the least.

Just saw that they recommended evacuation of Eldorado Springs (aka as the world's most affluent slum)--14" since Monday! Yikes!

I know one of our local "Chino" climbers just moved to Eldorado Canyon, and had to evacuate.

MarK Hudon is stranded in a local town, due to road wash-outs. The whole town is completely isolated.


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