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mt oscar or other reccomendations?

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I've been wanting to get a buddy from work up there.  She's new to climbing and I figured a couple easy climbs and a nice view would make it a good outing.  But, with the weather, would it be good tomorrow?  I want to make sure to have a good experience since she's very new at this.  So wet rock would be a no-go.  Ideas?

I've been there the next day after rain and it's pretty dry, but that was mid-summer. This time of year, things dry a lot slower. Plus, there's few easier climbs at Oscar, depending on what your idea of "easy" is. Views aren't all that great either.

A hike up to Sugarloaf might be nicer. The view of Mt Wash is stellar and it gets sun all day. There are a couple 5.6s (at least 1 that I remember) and a nice bolted 5.7. Hike is a good warmup and you can rap into the climbs now that someone threw a 2 bolt anchor in (forgot which climb it serves, but it's down a gully-ish opening in the cliff once you get to the summit).



Elephant Head is the best easyclimb/view that i know of..just great

The new routes on Mt Webster are good looking as well

i agree with Jon. elephants head has excellent climbing with amazing views down into the notch. the approach is about two minutes and it dries really fast. Bring enough gear to build anchors up top. a short static is nice if you are setting up top ropes.

if you are looking for a hike webster slabs are excellent. multi pitch with comfy ledges and bolted anchors.

Square ledge in pinkham notchis always a good one to...

Artists Bluff in Franconia Notch has some good views as well and a couple decent moderates on it
- not as nice as Elephant head though. For a quick dry, not much beats rainbow slabs, and the climbing is really sweet of you like slab.


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