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The Old Breed - Freddie Wilkinson & Mark Richey


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Freddie Wilkinson

Two years after Mark Richey, Steve Swenson, and I climbed Saser Kangri II, I'm psyched to release The Old Breed, our film about the expedition, on Vimeo. You can watch the 25 minute film for only $2 - less then a large cup of coffee or beer at the bar. To celebrate, Rufus and I are also releasing a deleted scene from the movie as a stand alone short movie. "Training Day" starts out as a routine mission up the local crag with Mark Richey, when, with cameras rolling, things take an unexpected turn. It was a portentous way to begin a big expedition and ended up foreshadowing our adventure in ways we could never have anticipated or scripted. A huge thanks to the American Alpine Club, Mountain Hardwear, and Clifbar for their support of this project... Enjoy!

Training Day trailer for the Old Breed video.

Full video:

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BTW I just bought my download...


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