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Admin Al:
I've been noticing that even after I go through and tweak the presets on the webcam, about a week later they seem to shift downward. So I went out there today and checked it out 'cause I was a bit worried that the tree itself was shifting! That's a BIG tree next to my garage and it had me worried a bit. Turns out that the piece of wood I used to mount the camera onto the tree has started to rot.  :P  I re-braced it a bit, cleaned the dome inside and out and then redid all the positional presets. I think it looks pretty good right now, but before the winter I'm going to need to pull it down and replace the mount with some thicker pressure-treated wood. It will be down for a day when I do that and I probably should consider replacing the power cord and CAT6 at the same time.

I have to say that I'm pretty amazed that the camera itself has held up for 6+ years, 16 hours a day, changing directions and focus every 3 minutes!  :D

Nice work, AL.
Is the cam a Canon?  They are well built but six years is very impressive.

Admin Al:
Yes, a Canon VB-C50i. I'm happy with it.


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